"Underwater" is the third track on Switchfoot's first album, The Legend of Chin.


It’s in her head
It’s in her mind
She can’t believe it
Can’t believe she’s running out of time

And any hold that she can find
Something to lean on
Everybody fails her half the time

Nothing to be
She’s already been
Plenty of time

Lights her candle
Six A.M.
Starting a new one
Everyone new one hits her
Just the same
Just like clockwork
She climbs down into her bottle
No one down there cares to know her name

She’s underwater
Nowhere now
Underwater upside down
The rising tide won’t find her now
She’s lost and found

She’s underwater
But she won’t drown
She can’t believe it
And everyone she meets
Feels just the same

It takes all day
To get to tonight
What makes the sunset
And what makes it go back
To where it came

She’s underwater
Nowhere now
She’s underwater
Upside down
The rising tide won’t
Find her now
She’s lost and found
Now she’s upside down
Now she’s six feet down

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