"The Sound in My Mouth" is the first track on Switchfoot's extended play for Oh! Gravity., Oh! EP.


I am the crook who robs me
I am my own adversary
I am my enemy
I am my enemy
And my mouth is an army

And when the night falls on me
I become anything, but free
I get so sick of this
It gets ridiculous
My mouth is an army

The sound in my mouth
It gets so loud
It gets so loud
Little words can’t slip out
Words like sorry
And I’m so sorry

I am the tyrant of discord
I am the beater of the dead horse
I am the irritant
I am the irritant
And my mouth is a brute force

Here we are in another night
Gearing up for a social accident
Where we pick part, I pick sides, I pick fights
My mouth is an army

Where will you find yourself?
Without love
Give love to someone else
Is that enough?
If love is to find yourself
Are you finding love?
Or are you picking sides?

The sound in my mouth, it gets so loud,
(it’s so loud) (so loud) (so loud) (extremely loud) (so loud)
Gets so loud, so loud, gets so loud!

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