Oh! Gravity
Released December 26, 2006
Recorded Big Fish Recordings
Signature Sound
Starstruck Studio
Length 44:44
Label Columbia/Sony BMG
Produced by Tim Palmer
Steve Lillywhite
John Fields
Previous album Nothing Is Sound
Next album Hello Hurricane

Oh! Gravity. is Switchfoot's sixth studio album and was released December 26, 2006.

Track listing

  1. "Oh! Gravity"
  2. "American Dream"
  3. "Dirty Second Hands"
  4. "Awakening"
  5. "Circles"
  6. "Amateur Lovers"
  7. "Faust, Midas, and Myself"
  8. "Head Over Heels (In This Life)"
  9. "Yesterdays"
  10. "Burn Out Bright"
  11. "4:12"
  12. "Let Your Love Be Strong"

Foot Facts

  • Chad, the drummer of Switchfoot, himself said the hardest song to play is "Dirty Second Hands".
  • tba...

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