Nothing Is Sound
Released September 13, 2005
Recorded Signature Sound
Big Fish
House of Cards Studio
Big Brown Sound

Starstruck Studio
The Pass
Stellenbosch Univ. S. Africa

Length 50:54
Label Sparrow/Columbia
Produced by John Fields, Switchfoot
Previous album The Beautiful Letdown
Next album Oh! Gravity.

Nothing Is Sound is Switchfoot's fifth studio album and was released September 13th, 2005.

Track listing

  1. Lonely Nation
  2. Stars
  3. Happy is a Yuppie Word
  4. The Shadow Proves the Sunshine
  5. Easier Than Love
  6. The Blues
  7. The Setting Sun
  8. Politicians
  9. Golden
  10. The Fatal Wound
  11. We Are One Tonight
  12. Daisy

Foot Facts

  • Nothing Is Sound is the only Switchfoot album that doesn't have a song named after the album. The only mention of "Nothing Is Sound" is during the third track, "Happy is a Yuppie Word".