New Way to Be Human
Released March 11, 1999
Recorded re:think Studio
Length 37:37
Label re:think Records
Produced by Charlie Peacock
Previous album The Legend of Chin
Next album Learning to Breathe

New Way to Be Human is Switchfoot's second studio album and was released March 11, 1999.

Track listing

  1. "New Way to Be Human"
  2. "Incomplete"
  3. "Sooner or Later (Soren's Song)"
  4. "Company Car"
  5. "Let That Be Enough"
  6. "Something More (Augustine's Confession)"
  7. "Only Hope"
  8. "Amy's Song"
  9. "I Turn Everything Over"
  10. "Under the Floor"

Foot Facts

  • Both "Sooner or Later (Soren's Song)", and "Something More (Augustine's Confession)" are based upon the works of philosophers. Augustine of Hippo and Søren Kierkegaard.
  • When asked if "Amy's Song" was based upon a real person, Jon Foreman said that it wasn't, and that the band viewed Amy as the antithesis of the "Concrete Girl" from their previous album.
  • A newer recording of the song "Sooner or Later" was featured on Elektra: The Album.
  • The song "Only Hope" was featured in the movie A Walk to Remember, along with the songs "You", "Dare You to Move", "Learning to Breathe".
  • The single "Let That Be Enough" was featured in the made-for-tv film "Model Behavior".