Learning to Breathe
Released September 26, 2000
Recorded Charlie Peacock Productions
Length 43:28
Label re:think Records
Previous album New Way to Be Human
Next album The Beautiful Letdown

Learning to Breathe is Switchfoot's third studio album and was released September 26th, 2000.

Track listing

  1. "I Dare You to Move"
  2. "Learning to Breathe"
  3. "You Already Take Me There"
  4. "Love is the Movement"
  5. "Poparazzi"
  6. "Innocence Again"
  7. "Playing for Keeps"
  8. "The Loser"
  9. "The Economy of Mercy"
  10. "Erosion"
  11. "Living Is Simple"

Foot Facts

  • The cover art on this album was designed by Tim Foreman.
  • "Love is the Movement" is a slogan that has been adopted by To Write Love On Her Arms, an organization that Switchfoot supports.