"Don't Be There" is the eleventh track on Switchfoot's first album, The Legend of Chin.


Don’t be there
Don’t be there
‘Cause I’m on my way
And I’m already gone over
And I’m on my way

And I can’t recall myself
How I went down
Did I get shot
Or shoot myself?

I’m down here
And you’re way up there
But that doesn’t hurt badly
But it stings right here

And I won’t pretend there’s
Nothing there
You be around and I’ll be square
Don’t be alarmed if I’m not there
You be around and I’ll be square

If you’re a rose
Then I’m the thorn
That’s in your side
And does it hurt badly
‘Cause it burns right here

I’d like to say hello
I’d like to say I care
I’d like to let you know
That nothing here’s the same with me
Nothing here’s the same
Don’t be around
Don’t be there